Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally an update

Since it has been 6 months since my last update I figure it is time for a short update!!

Lets see....

-Disneyland for spring break, we went with some great friends (moms and hubbys, they had to stay home and work to afford to send us on trips like this....LOL, thanks sweetie)...had a blast, all the kids were angels the whole time...i just wish we could have spent a few extra days to enjoy it a bit longer!

-SCHOOLS I the only one that is so excited for school to be out??? more "is your home work done", "time for bed", "get to bed its a school night", is your home work done, is your home work done!! UGH...I thought when I graduated I was done with homework....SO not the case, and lets be honest I can't help with Math!! LOl Braxton is already so beyond my knowledge of math!! Any-hoo, we survived 7th grade with a crazy basketball schedule and ended up with great grades the whole time~~ GOOD JOB Braxton, we are always so proud of you! Heres to 8th Grade!!

-Zoi is getting so big and is almost a year, why does this time go by so fast!?! She is learning so much and is just a huge joy in our lives!

-Braxton broke his foot playing a mean game of basketball!! He was out for the last of the summer season and had to miss a few camps, but he is healing nicely and back at the basketball training!!

-Me and the kids went to the Hogle Zoo one day and we had the best time! Weather was perfect, not to hot! All the animals were out and Zoi was so excited and the elephants!!

-WHAT THE CRAP???...I'm prego!! Yes you read that correct, I am having baby number 3!! It was a HUGE surprise, but a GREAT surprise! Zoi and new baby will be 17 months apart, and I am sure they will best of friends!! My due date is Jan. after Braxtons birthday! I promise to post again when we know the sex!! :)

-Going forward......we are getting ready to leave for Vegas/California. Braxton is going to attend the Kobe Bryant Camp in Santa Barbara, I guess if you want to be the best, you should train with the best, right?!?! I am so happy for him and can't wait to hear all about his experience (and yes Kobe is very involved and is at camp everyday. We are leaving a few days early to spend some time in Vegas to visit my dad, can't wait to be pool side!! Ray is actually taking vacation, and I can't wait to spend some good quality family time together, we are going to have a blast!! I will post pictures when we get back!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a blast this year!! Zoi was so much fun and more excited and engaged than I thought she would be. Braxton's response was..."this is the best Christmas ever"...and it will be until next year! lol
Hope everyone had a great Christmas...and has a wonderful New Years!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome Zoi-Salice Bruni 8/23/09

I am WAY behind on posts...... We had our beautiful baby girl on 8/23/09, she was 7.5 lbs and 19 3/4 long. She is now 6 weeks old and is so much fun and we just can't imagine our lives without her. Braxton is such an awesome big brother!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Been a long time

I am sure so many things have happened since I last blogged...I have to be honest, Facebook is so much easier! Soo...lets see Easter was fun, maybe one day I will post some pics. We only have 10 weeks until baby arrives....scary and fun all at the same time! We just purchased the cutest puppy ever....and I am posting pics of him...his name is Franki, he is 7 weeks old. Well that is all I have for now...I will try to be better!!